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Abnormal behavior

The feeling of clear, light, deep blue water. A feeling of weightlessness. Ryan and Rachel love this feeling. They love diving, seeing colorful fishes, interesting sea animals and coral reefs.

One day, the weather was sunny, the ocean clearly, Rachel and Ryan jumped into the fresh and cold water. They felt the endlessness. But something wasn’t normal. Something threatening lay in the water. Ryan and Rachel didn’t see fishes, the ocean was too quiet. They saw an old ship wreck and dived into it. The wreck was old and shabby, some sea snakes and fishes had their house here. It was dark and scary, but interesting, too. Rachel heard some noises.

Ryan was clamped between the rusty door! She wanted to free him, but Ryan just looked behind her and made nervous show of hands. He was very pale and lost a lot of oxygen. Rachel turned around. Her hair under the neoprene suit stood on, as she saw a shadow, swimming in the wreck. The sea monster had eight long arms and came closer and closer and wrapped his arms around her.

Rachel was in the power of the big sea monster! The octopus loosened the grip, as a big loud steamer went on the ocean. Rachel quickly swam away. She was surrounded by the dark ink of the octopus. When she could something again, there was a big shadow above her head. It looked like a gigantic vampire. “Oh, its only a harmless ray.“ Rachel thought and went on looking for Ryan. The sun was shining into the ocean everything seemed peaceful.

Suddenly Rachel saw a lot of sharp teeth from a shark… It moved nearer and nearer towards her. “It’s a horrible dream!“ Rachel thought. She couldn’t swim away, an alga was around her foot. “This is the last thing I’ll see.“ She would die in her favorite element. In the ocean.

At the last moment someone cut the alga and pulled her to side. Ryan! Quickly they swam into the ship wreck, the shark behind them all the time. They hid in the wreck and hoped, that the shark couldn’t swim into it. The big shark pushed against the ship. The ship wreck was very old and shabby and collapsed. Rachel and Ryan were captured! They were scared and they hadn’t a lot of oxygen…

Rachel took stones and lumbers away. After 20 minutes, Ryan and Rachel could swim through a little hole. But Ryan hadn’t enough oxygen and he was very weak and powerless, so Rachel moved him to their boat. Finally they were safe! “Ryan! We did it! It’s over!“ Rachel said. But Ryan didn’t answer. His eyes were closed. „Ryan?“ she whispered.  She went quickly to the port and to the next hospital. The doctor told her that he lost too much oxygen. “Sure he will be healthy.“

Next day, a sea biologist told Rachel: “It’s not normal, that animals like sharks and octopus attack people. Sure there is a reason.“ Rachel explained, that the octopus loosened his grip, when a loud steamer went above them. “Yes, the loud steamer unsettle the animals. They felt threatened and attacked by all strange things.“ “That’s why the ocean was so qiuet. A lot of fishes swam away.“ “Right,“ the sea biologist said, „and we must do something against.“

Author: Karla Kröger





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