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Acted improperly

On the 2nd  of October James got an email from his father. His father wrote, “James I am old and now we have a long weekend, please go to my holiday home the key is in your key shell.” So James went to his girlfriend Marian. He told her the idea with the holiday home and she liked it. On the next day James and Marian went to the holiday home. When they arrived, they went on the footbridge and had a wonderful view over the lake. Sometimes fish jumped out of the water and in den centre of the lake there was a little island.

In the evening James grilled some steaks and sausages. At 10 o’clock the mist came and devours the whole area. James and Marian did the dishes. After that they lay in there in bed when James suddenly heard a strange noise from the lake and opened the window. He only saw the mist but what was that? A little boat. James told it to Marian and they ran on the footbridge and looked where the boat was. But there was no boat anymore. So James and Marian went back in the holiday home. They were disappointed.

Next morning James went out and brought some rolls. After breakfast Marian washed up and James looked on the footbridge after the little boat and he found it next to the little island. James ran to Marian and told her what he saw. Marian asked, „Are you sure?” James answered, „Yes!” So they went on the footbridge but the boat wasn’t next to the little island. That was the reason why they went into the city and bought drinks and sweets. Then they drove back and parked the car. After they had stowed their shopping in the fridge they went on the footbridge again.

Surprisingly they found a little boat under the footbridge. James took it out of the shadow and helped Marian to enter. Then they paddled carefully to the island. After they landed on the island James had a surprise for Marian, they picnicked there and James wanted to marry Marian there. After that they drove back because the darkness and the mist came. Safely in the holiday home back, Marian and James switched the TV program. But they were tied and went to bed.

There was the strange noise again and James jumped to the window and opened it. What he saw was indescribable, it was unnormal and it was the death. On the lake was the little boat and James saw how a dead body fell into the lake. On the footbridge there stood a person with a gun and James heard the pistol PENG, PENG, PENG. Suddenly the person turned around and spook with through a black mask,” YOU ARE THE NEXT!!!”

James extensively told everything to Marian and both had the same in mind: Run to the car and drive away as fast as they could! James was faster than Marian and was the first who reached the car. He took the bags into the car and suddenly the murder stood in front of James but Marian hit the murderer down and they quickly drove to the police office. There they told everything to the officer. They had to drive back to the holiday home with some officers and had to sleep there one night as a decoys.

The murderer saw the James and Marian’s car and tried to open the door at night. The officers stood behind the door and took the murderer to the office but before they went they told it to Marian and James. This time the murderer hold the gun and shot. The shot hit Marian and she fell dead in front of the holiday home. James put Marian on the little island under the ground and killed himself.

His father tore down the holiday home and five month later the murderer was free again and killed James father.

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