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Anna Cathering

“Anna Cathering.“ This was the first thing I was thinking of before I answered the question on a “Find Yourself“ paper. “What do you think right now?” the teacher asked me, “Chris, what’s wrong?“ I said, “Nothing.“ I often loose myself in my thoughts. I filled the question with the answer “Dad,“ but I always thought of Anna. This was three months after it happened.

I write this right now because in a few hours I will be dead and we wanted to tell everybody what really happened on the 13th October 2009.

At the beginning of the new school year we got two new students. Anna Cathering and Alex Preston. Anna came from Alabama and Alex had to repeat the year. He was one year older than all the other from our class. Anna stood in front of the class with her hand in her pants but Alex stood there arrogant and strong. Alex was sitting next to Cat and Anna next to Nathan and Nathan next to me. No teacher liked Alex because he was rude and dumb like a tomato. In the pauses Anna stole herself away from the classmates. But Alex stood in the middle of everything.

The rest of the school year every day the same picture. Anna stood alone on the schoolyard and Alex was together with his friends. At the end of one break  we went upstairs and Anna ran against Alex and he said, “Are you dumb?“ Then he went away and said, “Stupid cow!“ Anna went away and said nothing. The rest of the year Alex and his friends bullied Anna everytime they saw her.

Every year, the seventh classes went by bus to Oklahoma into a youth hostel. At home I packed my clothes and on Monday the 9th October we went into the bus with the number 118. In the bus I sat next to Nathan. Nathan was my best friend and who sits next to me in school. He was also one of Alex’s friends what I didn’t like very much. He tried that Alex and I will be friends, too, but I really hate him and his arrogant behavior and he hates me. I didn’t know why he hates me. Alex sat next to Cat but Anna sat alone.

We needed 45 minutes to arrive the youth hostel. It was our first year in the hostel so the man who owned the hostel gave us an introduction. After that we decided with whom we wanted to share a room. After five minutes we made a decision. Me, Nathan and Alex. Cat, Paison and Anna. Paison was the best friend of Cat’s. The girls didn’t want to have Anna in their room but the teacher didn’t want any discussion. So they had to live with that. But what should I say? I had Alex. The rudest and dumbest boy of the school.

The rest of the day we could do what we wanted to do. Alex and his friends stood in front of the bungalow and laughed about Anna. I sat on my bed. Did I mention that the hostel was in a forest? So no civilization, no shops, nothing to do there. We did nothing special but on Thursday we made a disco party.

At 11p.m., Alex, Cat, Paison and Nathan went into the bungalow of the girls. Nathan begged me to come with them and I went with them. Alex said that he had to fetch something and ran back to our bungalow. He came back with alcohol. He said, “If you want to be cool, you have to drink.“ All drank. Me too. Then Anna came into the room and wanted to sleep. But Alex pushed her away. She was angry and pushed back. Alex pushed back again and Anna slipped and smashed with her head on the table edge. Silence. We all knew what happened. I put my hand in front of my mouth. Then Paison asked, “Is… she… dead?“ Nathan answered, “I guess – yes!“ We didn’t know what we should do now. We couldn’t tell it the teacher because she would kill us, too. Cat asked, “What shall we do now?“ We decided to bury her in the woods. Nobody said one word.

On Friday everything was the same. Nobody said one word but then the teacher asked Paison where Anna was. She answered, “I don’t know.” After that she told us that she had to do something and went outside. Then Cat and I went to bed and in the morning we realized that Paison wasn’t in her bed.“ The teacher pulled out a mobile phone and called the police. The police came but they didn’t find something. Mrs. Blyth called Anna’s parents and told them the story of their children. The parents came to bring Anna’s things back home. Anna’s mother cried a lot but I couldn’t tell her the truth. We went back home on Saturday morning but I knew that the truth will catch us someday.

One year later

One year later after Anna died we all were good friends. We all forgot what happened the last year until Mrs. Blyth, at the end of the school year, said, “Next Monday we will go to Oklahoma to the youth hostel.“ I was shocked and the others were, too. But what could happen there. So we went by bus to Oklahoma on Monday. We had a good time but on Thursday there was a special atmosphere. We went into the girl’s room and talked a little bit. But then the door opened but nobody was behind it. Cat said, “Is this a joke?“ She went outside and looked left and right. She wanted to come back but then we heard a tree falling down. We looked at Cat and saw that she was hidden down by the tree. She was definitely dead. After that a scary creature came to Cat and ate her heart. Paison screamed but Alex put his hand on her mouth. The creature looked at us and came to us. Then we realized that it was Anna. She spoke with a dark voice, “All of you will die today. Every three hours somebody of your little group will be killed.“ She went back and took Cat’s lifeless body away.

We sat there with open mouths. My breath was taken away. Paison screamed again but Alex said, “Shut up!“ Silence. Nathan asked, “What shall we do now?“ I answered, “Nothing. We can do nothing.“ Alex mentioned, “Let us write down what really happened to Anna.“ Paison asked, “Why should we do that?“ Nathan answered, “So that everybody knows what really happened that night. For her parents so that they can sleep without the fear that something could happen to their daughter.“ I told them, “I will write it.“ All my friends agreed, “Ok!“ So I began to write.

Three hours later after Cat died we sat on Paison’s bed. Nothing happened but then the door opened with a crackling noise. It was only Mrs. Blyth who said, “Lunch is ready!“ We went to the cafeteria. Then Nathan said, “I forgot my mobile phone.“ And he ran back to the bungalow. Five minutes later Alex asked, “Where is Nathan?“ We ran back to the bungalow and as we opened the door we saw him lay on the floor with a broken neck and his heart was away. We said nothing and closed the door. We ate lunch and Paison had teardrops in her eyes. As we came back Nathan’s body was away. On the floor stood a message written with his blood, “Three hours.“

We couldn’t do anything against this. Alex said, “For me now we will stay together. Every minute.“ After the next three hours no one moved from our place. Suddenly we heard a loud buzz. It got louder and louder. Then a beehive smashed into the room and the bees only attacked Paison. They stung her as much as they could. We were not able to reach Paison because all the bees were around her. After they flew away Paison’s lifeless body lay on her bed. Alex and I ran to the teacher but as we were in front of her door I said, “That won’t bring anything.“ We ran back and Paison was away. Three hours later Alex started to cry. I didn’t expect this from him. I went to him and calmed him down, “We will make this. Everything is all right.“ Alex said with an angry voice, “Nothing is ok.“ He brewed a knife which he had stolen from the cafeteria. He wanted to kill me. He hurt me. I heated him with my fist. The knife flew away. I got it. Alex ran to beat me but I stabbed him with the knife in the stomach. I stabbed him three times. Then he was dead. Anna came and took his body away. I was shocked. What have I done. At this moment I decided to write down everything what happened today.

This is three hours ago. Now I’m sitting here to wait for my death. Mum, Dad –  I love you and I’m sorry for all what I have done. I want the pathology report to be written under this to complete the story. I hear her coming. Goodbye.


 Pathology report                                                                 13th October 2011

The victim had a fight with the offender. The offender pushed the victim and the victim smashed his head on the table edge. Then the offender hung his victim. The victim was hung in position of the devil.

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