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I came, saw and decided about life and dead

I suffered agonies, but I ran on and on. It was no question for me that he could win. I didn’t want to save my life but hers.

Hours before:

I stretched my limbs and made a grimace, when the feeling in my fingers returned. Through my half closed eyes I saw out of the window. Something was missing on this picture. My look flew to to the large oak. The wind let the colorful leaves sail through the air. They covered the tiny playground in front of our house.

But suddenly it struck me. My little sister wasn’t there. Every time on a Saturday morning, she rocked on the swing. She smiled when she managed to land on the edge of the sandbox, in that we built castles on warm days. My thoughts flew to the possibilities where she could be.

Probably she was trying to get the cookies that stood on the huge fridge in the kitchen. Smiling over my little sweetie I pulled myself out of the thoughts. After putting on the clothes I went downstairs, because I hoped that I could catch the little cookie thief, but my way ended in front of the kitchen door, when the phone shrilled.

The way to the phone led me through the library. Our parents died a year after my 18th birthday, but they weren’t poor, so we could stay in our house. During the week I am going to University and an old lady took care of my sister. Only at the weekend I had more time to watch her. Because the phone had ringed three times, I went with long steps to the chest of drawers on that it stood.

Even if he returned my solution his voice let me fear. ”How are you?” he asked with a gentle but firm voice. He didn´t answer my question who he was and what he wanted from me. Only an amused laugh. “I am your killer.” I started to doubt the source of the voice in my hand. “You must not believe me, but I would do it for your sister. Furthermore I advice you to say nothing to anybody.” I wasn´t able to answer him, the horror was too big. “Now listen to me very carefully! You get four hours to come to the disused subway route. When you are there, turn right and you will see additional information.

Promptly the connection cracked. The silent of the library, which I usually enjoy, seemed to overwhelm me. I knew that he meant it seriously. In a trance I left the house. His words echoed in my head. He had watched me and collected information about my family and me. Because I didn´t believe that he chose unknowingly exactly the place where three years ago, our parents died because of a subway accident.

Hours passed until I arrived the subway route. I ignored the barriers and went down the wet steel ladder to the train tracks. There it was incomprehensibly cold. Each of my breaths burned my throat. I suffered agonies. Indeed I found the neatly red colored statement that ordered me to follow the rails.

At the beginning I ran but my forces faded quickly. Through the shock I forgot my warm clothes to protect me from the bitter cold. From time to time I fought against exhaustion, hunger, thirst and the constant fear, that kept me enclosed. Only the hope, that I would see my sister again, drove me forward. I lost any feeling of time and saw my environment blurred. Minutes felt like hours and every hour was one of my life-years.

My movements solidified I was incapable to moved. I fixed the shadow in the darkness that approached me. His huge shape overtopped me. He stopped in front of me and looked down with his raven black eyes.

Through his proximity I could see his distinctive pine the flat front and his strangely distorted lips. Now, the same voice as it was on the phone, spoke to me and made me wince again. “Your will is strong. You had found the way to me.” ”My sister?” it was only a breath, but he understood what I mean. “She awaits you behind that door.” He turned his head and showed with a long skinny finger to a door, not far from our location. And that was it. With these last words he turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

My surprise wasn’t long, suddenly I remembered the steel door. I threw me with all my remaining power against it, but it wouldn´t budge. My fists drummed like a bullet hail against that piece of metal that still separated me from my sister. But after ages, I felt so, the door opened and flew with a deafening bang against the wall and I stumbled back into the room.

Panic fear came over me. I ran to the small body that laid in one of the corners of the tiny room. Her fingers were chalk-white; her skin was like the marble floor of our house. The understanding hit me unprepared. The pain that followed I couldn´t compare with any other feeling. But no tears, I was angry, sad and dumbfounded, but there weren’t tears. Between the folded hands of the dainty body was a letter. In slow motion I unfolded the heavy parchment and read.


Now the last introduction:

Look into the blue velvet bag that is in her right pocket.

Under trouble I got it. My fingers trembled under the effort. My hand enclosed a small object and pulled it out. The knife lay heavily in my hand. Its blade was sharp and reflected my contours. I realized that it had been his murder weapon. My fingers, which surrounded the handle of the knife, became stronger. I didn’t want to live longer, because I couldn’t endured the pain, that pervaded me as the blood flew through my veins.

The pain that the blade should made, when it cut my wrists, wasn´t there.  It was easy. My heart pounded no longer, it struck peacefully. With my last breaths, I took my little sister in my arms. I knew that he had win. I knew that he exactly wanted this, but it was the same to me. I would see my parents and my little Sweetie again and then I would enclose them in my arms and weep for joy. Smiling, I stroked her hair and sank in the dark.


Author: Lara Sophie Meisel


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