Aus der Schule
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The Cellar

It was a normal day in June, it was warm and I waited for my friend Jacob. Jacob is fourteen years old and I known him since I was born. My parents are good friends with his parents. He lives one street next to my street. Every day we are going to school together. But we must go by subway.

He came and we went to the subway station. We came just in time. In the subway were many people. One man sat next to us. He had a very big scar in his face. I thought from were it is. Probably I looked too long. The man looked back to me and whispered with a terrible voice,” It was a car crash.” I was very confused so I just said, ”Okay.”

We must leave the subway. We went to the school. The man from the subway was very creepy I thought. First lesson, we had PE then math and the last lesson was biology. But Jacob isn’t in my class and had just two subjects that day. I thought all day long about the creepy man. In math I could hardly concentrate. When I left school, the man with the big scar waited for me in front of the school. I was realy scared. The creepy man came to me and said with a quiet voice,” Come with me and be quiet.” I was so shocked that I went with him.

We went into the wood. I saw an old stone stair and we went down into the ground. It was so scary. Under the ground there was a room. It was so cold and dark. The man said, ”I’ll be right back, stay right were you are.” I nodded. The man went with his candle out of the cellar. It was a creepy noise when door was falling in the lock. When I was accustomed to the darkness, I found a piece of candle and a match. When the candle was shining, I went for a look around the cellar. I saw a room in the near from the entrance it stank terribly. I looked into room and I could see what there was: many corpses.

It was so horrible, that I screamed very loud. The door opened. I turned off the candle. I ran and ran into darkness. The cellar was an art labyrinth. I ran so fast, because I knew what the man wanted to do with me.

After a few minutes I stopped and sank down on the bottom. Suddenly a voice whispered, ”Are you Grace?” I afraid but I knew that it was Jacob and I was so happy that Jacob was here and that I was not alone. We wanted to get out of this horror cellar. But then we heard a weird noise. Then we heard steps and this came to us. I heard that Jacob stopped to breath. It was so scary and the man stood in front of us. Suddenly I felt an uncomfortable pain in my chest, it was a knife, it was such big pain, that I fell to the side and closed my eyes.


Author: Juliana Below

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