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When he comes it’s all over

“When it is a busy day, I must work very hard. I need you to help me a little bit, you must learn for your future,” said the old witch to me.

I rolled my eyes and went out. The air was good for my thoughts. I’m a cute, little girl and will soon fulfill my destiny!

And then came this day…

The old witch was also my teacher and somehow… a little bit… my mother.

One day I spoke a dark spell – countless of skeletons came and my mentors protected me and sacrificed their lives for mine. Suddenly my mentor was away.

I ran away and hid in a rotten hut in the near of our castle, where we lived in past times.

I couldn’t stay there, because I had a lot of plans. The most important one: I had to learn how to be a real witch and the fact that my mentor has mentioned it, it could be difficult.

On the other hand, I had to fulfill my fate.

I decided to devote myself to my destiny more than my training as a witch. So I began my search for the only thing that would stop these skeletons, the arc of light!!!

Hidden deep in the woods of the secrets, any dangers left behind, outside of space and time, there was the man. But before I got it, it still had to answer a single question, ”What happens when you fail the mission?” The guardian of the arc of light directed this question to me. I noticed it and answered, ”I would be very disappointed. My mentor, all the others and the worst thing –  I would disappoint myself.”

I was already on the way, to exorcise the evil. With my bow and the lethal arrows, I did what had to be done.

I was standing only a few metres away from the chief of the skeletons. I took an arrow between my fingertips and let it go. It flew with a slight twist and went straight into the skeleton’s skull. KAWUSCH, the evil broke up into small parts.

Now peace was restored and all could be lucky not living in fear anymore. But one thing remained unclear to me, ”Where is my mentor?”

Author: Cène

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