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Dead alive

I came home and opened the door. The light was off. I pushed the light switch, but it didn’t go on. I went along the corridor but the bathroom door was opened. I looked, but I couldn’t see anything, it was too dark. I took out my mobile phone, to made light. Blood, everywhere blood! It was in the toilette, in the shower, in the washbasin and on the ground. I screamed very loudly. Oh my Goodness. I was so scared. But where did the blood come from? Was there a murderer in here? I was so scared and trembled with fear. I ran out of the bathroom. In the kitchen, I saw something on the ground… No! There were two things… I took out my mobile phone again, everywhere was blood, I saw a head. And a arm with a body, also on the ground. I looked again on the head. I cried and shouted in the same moment. lt was my mum. I couldn’t believe it. I took a seat, I cried, I felt hate. I embraced and kissed her. I kissed her head and her hand. I touched her the for last time and put a cover over her body. I called the police. After that I called. They took my mum in a police car and went away. The police man said to me that I could come with them but I didn’t want to go outside. Outside the house, everywhere were happy kids, parents and families. I cried again. I couldn’t see the happy persons.

7 years later, I was in a restaurant together with my boyfriend. On this day, it was the 22th August, I received a call. lt was the police. A man said to me that I must come to the police station, they must tell me something very important. Half an hour hour later, I went to the station, the man’s name was Mr. Sipty. He said to me that my father was dead. In this moment I thought, “Why me? Why my family?“ I couldn’t realized it. The man gave me a piece of paper and said that he had found it in the hand of my father… But I couldn’t read what Daddy wrote in his letter.

After this shock, I felt bad, every single day. But one day it was enough. One day I took a knife… No one has ever seen me again…


Author: Lene Schulz

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