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Death Inside

One day a boy was alone at home. He lives in a big house with his mother and his sister. His mother and his sister weren’t at home because they wanted to buy new shoes. The boy heard some creepy noises. The creepy noises were in the basement. The boy was really afraid because it was dark and he was alone. His age at this day has been just only eleven years but he was brave. The noise got quieter and the boy was happy about that and he tried to fall in sleep… But another ten minutes later he heard these noises again. But the noise changed into a different form. The noise was louder,

it seemed closer to him. But nothing was in his room. But there were no persons or any animals and the TV was off.. The boy was really curious but he was afraid, too.

He stood up and went to the basement. There he couldn’t find anything, it was empty. Only a door was visible and the text „Death Inside!“ was written on the door. It was so creepy! The boy ran away and tried to sleep again, but there were these noises in the basement. Suddenly there was a loud sound like a closing door. The boy hoped that would be his mother. But it wasn’t her.

He wanted to go out of his room and he watched out for an unlocked door. But he was so much shocked. He went out of his room ten minutes later. The front door wasn’t it, but which door could it be? The boy went into the basement. The basement door was open, but who opened the door? The boy ran back in his room. In his bed there was a little girl with wet hair and her hair was long and black. She wore a white dress with bloody stains. She looked at the boy and cried. He cried too and went out of the house. Suddenly there was the mother standing right in front of him…


Author: Janic Milewski

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