Aus der Schule
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The Dream

It was a late Friday night and I drove to my girlfriend Cathy. I drove along an abandoned street. It was so quiet and I was texting with Cathy. I was distracted and put my hands on my smartphone. I sent my last message and looked up, the last thing I saw was a tree. I woke up and everything was dark. I asked, “Is there somebody?“ But nobody answered. Suddenly the light went on and I heard a voice, „Ah, you’re awake, good, then let’s start.“ I looked up and saw that my hands hung in chains. The voice spoke quietly and I thought that there were more than one person. The chains opened and I was free. I went to the next door and looked through the keyhole. I could see a girl with white clothes. I went in and suddenly the girl was away. On the ground there was blood. There was the voice again, „Come trust in you.“ I went slowly and followed the blood. The blood stopped in front of a wall. I touched the wall and then a really strange thing happened. All was getting dark and the ground was away so that I fell down. I fell so deep and then I saw the ground. Before I hit it I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly and saw shadows. They talked to me, ”You can not be here, go away!“ Instantly I run away and everything behind me broke down. „What happened there?“ I asked myself. I run along a corridor. In front of me there was a big hole. I jumped but I did not make it and fell down. I woke up in a bed and some people stood around me. “Are you okay, you had had a car accident. We found you and brought you home.“ Said the man, “Now sleep a little bit.”

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