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The endless dream

It was Monday morning and I prepared myself to go to school. My father drove me to school. My name is Peter Johnson and I’m 15 years old. And I go to the Belford School in Las Vegas, but today wasn’t like a normal day, all was weird. Nobody was in my school, nobody! I felt scared. At once I saw a little grenade flew into the classroom. And I thought that I’m dead. Suddenly I woke up again in my bed and looked on my alarm clock and saw that it’s again Monday the same date. I cried, „MOM!“ but nobody answered. I went downstairs into our living room, but I was shocked when I saw a shadow on the wall. I ran downstairs and looked on the table. There is a little piece of paper with the message, Peter, I´m the Chinese shadow Xin Liao, I´m the Chinese Jesus and you are dead, but I restarted the day and all would be the same like yesterday and today, so please take care of yourself. You’ll need to find out what is wrong in the world“. So I went into my classroom again and looked out. My friend Jason threw the grenade into the classroom and I cried, „JASON STOP IT!“ he saw me and said that he need to destroy the school, if not he will die. I said to him when he left the school normal he wouldn’t die, because I will protect him. He agreed my deal and we were going together through the street and I asked him, „Who wants to kill you?“ He answered, “the Las Vegas Mafia.” I was shocked because we were both 15 years old without weapons and they are all 30-40 years old killers with special weapons you never saw before. And I asked Jason, „And why do they want to destroy the school?“ Jason said, „PETER, they all are killers and they have the job to destroy the school!“ Jason said that we needed to go to the nuclear power plant. And Jason added, „Peter we need to kill 11 Las Vegas Mafias“. I thought about how we can kill them, but before I had a plan we arrived. And Jason said, „F*** you Mafia I can’t do it all for you!“ At once 11 men killed us. And I woke up again and Xin Liao stood in front of my bed and waited that I’ll wake up. I stood up and Xin Liao said to me on Chinese, „Peter, the Mafia kidnapped more than 100k peoples including your mom and dad.“ Peter asked very shocked, „And what’s with JASON??“ Xin Liao answered that Jason will wake up like me. 10 Minutes later I called Jason on his mobile phone, but the Mafia answered my call and said that Jason was abducted, too, like all people of Las Vegas. I went to Jason’s house and took his grenade. I knew where the hostages were there are a lot of high explosive barrels. I know that he has one crucial shot. So I went to the nuclear power plant and blindly threw the grenade into the barrel and all Mafia men were dead at once. I went in and found all 100k people who were tied up with chains on a machine. On the display there was 1:00 minute left to the nuclear meltdown. Luckily that my father works in the nuclear power plant station and knew how to repair this. I did all my father said and all worked again –  all people were saved.

At once I woke up again and went to school on Monday again. All people and teachers were back to school. After school my mother told to me, „Peter! Jason is dead!“ My mother was weeping. But I wanted to know how he died and I asked my mother, „Mom how did Jason die?“ She answered, „The Mafia killed him on Monday!“ I thought by myself, „How did he die?“

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