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The Horror Castle

I will tell you an old legend about a three metre big monster. It has one eye in the middle of his face. He alone conquered a castle and prevailed it for many years. The people called the mysterious castle „Horror Castle“. The name was right because it’s still an decay ruin. The walls were destroyed, bloody and covered with moss and other plants. On the spire there hung heads of death people and inside the castle were laid animal carcasses, skeletons, bones and weapons. The monster was sitting inside the hall of the throne surrounded by raw meat. It smelled terrible and disgusting, but the beast ate it pleasurably. If it is hungry, it will go in the forest in front of the castle. The monster went trough the big forest to the other side where there is a trade route and lurking knights, trader, pedestrians or little innocent children. The monster stunned its victims and dragged them into the dungeon of the castle. There the people must suffer lot of days before the monster came and broke their arms and legs and ripped them out. He sucked their organs out of their poor bodies. You could hear the cries of the people from far away of the castle walls. It was very cruel. One day the farmers decided to kill the monster. They think a long time about a good plan. The idea was to decoy it into an ambush and then to kill the beast. Old an sick people should be sacrificed. The group went to the trade route and waited there. The monster saw them before they were there and lurked in the forest. But before it could catch them, burning arrows, torches, stones and spears flew down from the people of the little hills above the beast. One burn spear hit its only eye. The monster cried miserably. It stroked out wildly because it was blind. The monster raged and ran towards a big rock. The spear bored still deep in his head and came out of the back of the head. It fell down with a last horrible cry. Big stones fell down of it. The monster laid motionless on the ground. The blood coloured the green grass red. The people were afraid and therefore they waited a long time before they went home. The castle is the own remained thing of the legend. Then nobody dared to went back to the castle because everyone was thinking that the ghost of the monster still lived there. Today you could hear his last death cry in the forest by full moon.

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