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The last photo

I am a young man and I live in the centre of Berlin. One day I planned a journey to Scotland. I heard many good things about that island. By the way I am a photographer and in Scotland you have so much wonderful views.

A few days later I arrived at the airport of Berlin. I checked in and ran to my plane because I was very late. But a couple of minutes later I sit on my place. The fly was very relaxing because I slept the whole time. The plane arrived in a small airport of Scotland. Later I went to my flat by a taxi with a very friendly taxi driver.

I was still rested as I was in my new home for the next week. All of my equipment was in my big photo bag so I took it and went out. I walked through a little village next to my appartment. It was very empty but I thought that was normal in Scotland.

Slowly the sun was going down and I was still on my way to the place where I wanted to take some very nice photos. At midnight I arrived at this place. It was an old graveyard. I heard a lot about it – good and bad things, but I was not afraid to enter the graveyard at this moment.

As I found a good place for my camera I unpacked my equipment. The moment was still perfect so I pushed the trigger. But what was that? I heard a voice. I thought it was only my mind that wanted to mess around. I went on with my photos but as I pushed the trigger the voice was there again, only a little bit louder.

In this moment I realized that the voice was real. I screamed, ”Is there somebody? It’s not funny!” I was shocked because I got an answer. A whispering voice answered, ”Help us!” Slowly I went to the direction from where the voice came. It was getting louder and louder. I tried to see what happened around myself. Now I saw it: A big ruin in front of me. It was an old church and I wasn’t sure but I walked into it. There was no light in the church but I took a torch with me.

Very sneaky and slowly I went forward until I reached a very cold wall. On the big wall there was a picture, a family photo with children, parents, grand parents and a big lettering “WHY?” about all the people.

I was shocked because in this moment a cold hand touched my left shoulder. I turned my head around. The cold hand grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground. Now I saw that there was not only one person, there were more people, to much people. All of them were full of blood. Children, parents and grandparents, all of them were… zombies. I screamed, ”Help! Please, help me!” but there was nobody who could hear me.

At this moment I realized that this was my ending. The end of my life. So I diced to took a last photo for everyone who died in this house. I pushed the trigger for the absolute last time. “Click.” I closed my eyes. I waited for the bites and hits from the zombies. I imagined all the cool things I have done in my life. It was a very nice life.

The last words I said were, ”Thank you.”

It looked like that somebody in heaven had heard me. I opened my eyes. All the zombies stood in front of me. They were fossils like frozen to ice. At this moment I saw the first shafts of sunlight in my new life. From this moment I was thankful for every minute I live.


The End


Author: Karl Eckert

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