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The man and the blood

I think it was a nightmare…

I woke up and saw blood. The blood came out of the darkness, from the attic. I was very worried. What should I do? Should I go outside?

My parents weren’t at home, because they were working. I was alone. I decided that I go into the wood to my favorite place, a very little castle. Here I could think about the blood. I asked myself where was the blood come from? Suddenly I heard a noise, it was very loud. I saw a dark shadow. It came from the graveyard. I saw a man.

Actually he looked normal but then I saw he didn’t have a face. Where was the face? What happened? I gathered all my courage and went to the man slowly. I was afraid. I asked, “What happened?” He did not answer. I asked again, ”What happened?”

Quietly and slowly he said, ”Actually I live in your house on the attic. Your family doesn’t know it. Nobody knows it. One day a big black cat came. A monster! The monster demanded when I don’t go, I will lose my face. I thought if I kill the monster, I will be able to stay in the house. Therefore I killed the big black cat and stayed in the house.

But the spirit of the cat was already there and took my face. Everywhere was blood in the house. Blood from the cat and my face! A moment later I saw my living face on the bottom and the blood dripped from the attic. I have lost everything. My home and my face. So I sleep in a grave. What shall I do? Can you help me?”

I didn’t know what I could say. Just in the moment my alarm clock rang. I was waking up. Everything was a dream, a nightmare…

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