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The nightmare

On Friday the 13th November 2001 I sat with my younger sister Kathy at the seaside in the near of our house. All was very peaceful and quiet. It was very cold at this day so we wanted to go back home as Kathy said that there is something in the bush. Suddenly a   little black cat jumped out of it. Kathy is very superstitious so she was very scared and we ran home.

As we were at home I went into the living room to watch TV. Abruptly a loud thunderstorm was outside. Kathy came into the living room. She was crying and said to me very scared, ”Hanna, there was somebody knocking at my window!” I went into her room and saw that it was only a branch so I could go back into the living room. I watched my favourite quiz show when my mum came to me and said, ”I will go to the theatre with your dad now and we will be back in three hours.”

While Kathy was listening to some music the light and the TV went off. I went into the cellar because I thought it could be a short circuit and so it was. After I turned the light on I wondered that Kathy did not come to me to scream and cry. That was very strange so I went into her room to look  if it everything was okay.

As I was in her room it was very dark and music were tuned off. I turned the light on and saw that Kathy wasn’t in her room anymore. I was looking for Kathy in the whole house but I could not find her. I went into the living room thinking of what I could do now as I heard the voice of Kathy in the TV. She said, ”Help me! Hanna, help me please!” I was so terrified about what I heard so I wanted to call my parents. But the electricity went off and I went into the cellar to put on the light again. I was very scared as I saw blood on the wall. In the blood I saw imprints of hands. The hands where as big as the hands of my little Kathy.

Then I thought that the blood will maybe tell me were Kathy is so I followed the bloody track. It brought me to the sea where a little girl sat on a stone who looked like Kathy. I quickly ran to her and tell her very happily that I had found her, ”Kathy you scared me to death! When I tell that mum and dad they will…”

I stopped speaking because she did not say something. I was touching her shoulder and I felt that she was very cold. I turned her around and saw that she was stabbed to death….

I woke up, ”Puuh! It was only a dream!” I said to myself. Then I got up and went to the toilet but I saw that the bed of Kathy was empty. I turned around and heard my mother saying to my father, ”Who was that? Why was she killed? What happened? And how could we tell that Hanna?” I went to my parents and wanted to know what was going on. My parents began to speak very sadly, ”Good morning Hanna! It´s so bad… Kathy was killed by a pedestrian and then she was found in the sea.There is no track of the murderer.” I could not believe that…. my sister was killed?! I went into my room and stayed there until the end of the day.

One year later, another Friday the 13th , too, we heard the voice of Kathy at the same TV show, ”Help me! Hanna, help me please!” That was too much. So we changed the house. The next owners heard the voice pf Kathy to. The house stood empty since this day…

Today, I often dream the dream of my little sister Kathy and I have not overcame her death yet.


 The End

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