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Particularly pizzeria

It was so sad. Actually all got better after the sad time when our mother died. My sister Mary Sunset, my dad Bruce Sunset and me, Marc Sunset searched for a new house in another town. We moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. My dad had to find a new job too. He worked as a cook in a big restaurant but had to give up his job because everything reminded him of his wife. After two weeks of waiting he came to us and showed us a little flyer of a pizzeria. The name of the pizzeria was “Particularly”. “Uh, particularly!” my little sister said and looked up to me. “Sure they have good, “particularly” pizza!” Dad agreed and said that he had found a job there. I was happy because I had been afraid that he would never find another good job. The next weeks we went to the pizzeria after school and visited our father. Every single day I saw a door in the pizzeria with a sign, ”Do not enter!” Every time when I looked at the door, the chef of the pizzeria looked back very angry. You need to know that he looked very evil. He is about 1,90 m and has a very angry expression. Once I saw his wife. She is a little bit clumsy but looks very nice. One day we went to the pizzeria, but our father was not there. We asked for him, but the chef did not answer. We wanted to go back home, but his wife came and said, ”Stay here! You can also eat a pizza without your father!” She went back to her house. So we bought a pizza, but we did not have enough money. The chef was very angry. I asked, ”Can we get it for free?” “Only because your father is working here? No!” He got very upset and my sister was very afraid. She wanted to go back home but the door was closed and locked! She got panic and ran to the big toilet door, it was not open, too. Then she ran to the other side of the pizzeria. She stopped in front of the “Do not enter”- door. There was no lock on it anymore. She opened the door slowly but then she ran away. I wanted to follow her but I stopped in the door frame. There was not a single room, there was a big floor with many, many doors. I saw Mary, she went into one of the doors. Suddenly she screamed. I tried to reach her and ran as fast as I could. She lied on the ground, her breath was not very strong. Only spiders were in the room. I helped my sister to stand up and we went back. Suddenly there was a shadow on the floor. I said, ”Come on! We must go”, but my sister was too curious. She followed the shadow and I followed her. The shadow flew into one of the rooms. I went into the room and a big flood flowed Mary and me. But it was not water it was blood. I could not breath. I could save Mary and myself. After that we were on the floor again and ran and ran, but we did not know that we ran into the wrong direction. On the left and on the right was a shadow, it was not one of our shadows, it was much bigger. Suddenly a door appeared in front of us and a hand touched my shoulder, I escaped and my sister too. Mary slipped down and I wanted to help her but then I saw the ground. Earthworms were everywhere. I overcome myself and touched the ground to help my sister to stand up again. We ran again and after a few minutes I saw a bigger shadow right behind us. The biggest I have ever seen and it followed us. Then after a while another door was in front of us. I thought we were at the end now. “Mary, we are at the end!” I said happily. But no one was on my side. Mary was away. That drove me to despair so I opened the door. There was a big kettle in the middle of the room and the wife of the chef was next to the kettle. I looked into the kettle and saw a hand – it was Mary´s hand… I fell down on the ground. That was the last thing I remember. I woke up in a hospital. My sister was not there. The wife of the chef killed Mary. She was an evil witch.

Author: Mrs. Rose

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