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Scary Deepness

Once upon a time, during the last summer, I walked along the big and deep river. The river is called Blanda and it is in the north of Iceland.

It was one of the sad and rainy summers. I walked and walked and some raindrops fell in my hair. The rain became stronger and I looked for a place where I could stay for the night.

In the distance I saw many strange houses. They looked a little bit creepy but I went on and after a horrible hour I finally arrived. All houses were very old and looked like haunted houses but now it was really cold, so I picked up the biggest one and opened the door with a cracking noise.

I closed the door and took some steps into the darkness. The door behind me closed on its own with a loud and ghostly noise. Now I stood surrounded by an endless darkness and I shivered. I saw a narrow ray of shimmering moonlight and I opened a pair of curtains. They were very dusty and the dust flew into my nose and I sneezed.

Suddenly, I heard a frightening voice, ”Hellooo!? Is there anybody in my house?” My breath stopped for a second and I stared at the place where I thought the voice came from. But I saw nothing! I said ”Ughh, I am Sara. Who and where are you?” “I am CangaFace…,” the voice answered, “Do you see the broken trapdoor, darling? Come into the cellar! And find me!!”

I was afraid and very nervous but curious, too. I went downstairs and found an old torch and next to it a lighter. I inflamed the torch and went along a big corridor. Many bats hung from the ceiling and lots of rats ran from right to left on the floor.

I saw a big shadow and I screamed but I couldn’t move because I was paralyzed from the shock.

I heard a creepy whisper, ”I am here! In the near! Trollollolloll!” It was a kind of scary singing. At that moment I saw it! “It” aka CangaFace was a crossing of a pale ghost, a dark black spider, a bloody vampire and a wizard. CangaFace crawled over the floor with six ugly spider legs and in one of its strange hands it hold a long magic wand. The head of CangaFace was like one of a vampire with sharp and dirty teeth.

I thought, I would faint but I just shivered more than before. It said, ” Hey, do you think that I am beautiful?” I took all my courage and said, ”Sorry, but I haven’t got enough time for a tea party! I want to go outside and at home!” Instantly, I ran as fast as I could upstairs and out of the scary and strange house.

The whole way I ran along the Blanda and then to a police office. I talked to the officer of the day and he sent a group of policemen to the old house. After two hours or so, the officers said that at the end of the Blanda river there is no village. They also assumed that I’m probably sick and hallucinating my incredible story.

But believe me, I am in fact sure that everything I told you truly happened.

Most every night I dream of the CangaFace and remember all the spoken words. It drives me crazy!!

Author: Zara Windfang

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