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The subconscious

Together with my dog I live in a house far away from everything. My wife lives in the city. We are separated. I am not rich because I just write stories but now there is somebody who wants to buy my stories.

One day a man came to my house and he said that I stole one of his stories. I said, ”No that’s not true.” But he answered, “My story is from the 16th of September 1971 and what is you publishing date?” I knew that my story was three years older but I could not prove it because I did not find my story. He was angry and said, “I want to see your original manuscript in the next three days otherwise something very bad will happen.” Then he went away.

At midnight I heard a voice from the outside. I went downstairs and followed the voice. On the entrance I found my dog. It was dead. A knife stabbed him. On a piece of paper there was written, ”Three days!” I cursed, ”Why did you do this? I said I will find the story!” I went upstairs and cried. I was afraid because I thought that the man will come back and kill me while I am sleeping. My subconscious said, ”He is a psycho! He is a psycho!”

On the next day the man stood on my entrance again. I ran to him and beat him. At this moment my neighbour Mr. Smith drove along the street and saw us. The man ran away but with his blood he wrote on the street, ”Two days!” I was scared because I knew he was a psycho. I drove to the city to a big house where all newspapers from the last 50 years are saved. But they told me that someone had deleted the pages from my text. So I went angry back home. At night I remembered that I had one exemplar from the story at my wife’s house. So on the next day I drove to her house. 500 metres before I reached the house the police stopped me and told that a house was burning. I could not believe it but in fact it was my wife’s house. I ran to the house and told the police officers that it is my house. Then the officers asked me, ”Do you have any enemies?” That is why I told them about the crazy man. They asked me for his name. I knew that on his T-shirt Johnny was written, so I thought his name is Johnny. After the questions I drove home but some metres away from my house Mr. Smith lay on the street. He was dead. I was really shocked and went the last metres home. I went into the house and suddenly Johnny stood in front of me. I ran to the kitchen, took a knife and wanted to kill him. I stabbed him but he was not dead. I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed but he was still alive. I was frightened. Then he said to me that I could not kill him because he is just in my subconscious. I screamed, ”No, that can’t be true. You killed my dog and burned my house. But he answered, ”No, it was your fault. I’m just in your mind. You killed your dog because he barked to loud and you also burned your wife’s house because you didn’t like her. And you killed Mr. Smith because you were afraid when he saw how you beat me.” I screamed, ”But you are not real. So why should I kill Mr. Smith? If you’re right he couldn’t even see that.” “But you thought so”, he laughed. ”You are the psycho.”


Author: Erik

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