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The Supernaturals

It was the year zero as the six supernatural creatures waged war. A witch, a vampire, a spirit, a monster and a dragon; they were the Evil of the world. But there was a bright light in the darkness, somebody who fought for a better world: A wizard.

He was so powerful that nobody could beat him, neither the five bad Supernaturals. But their power grew up from year to year and finally they were a threat for the wizard and the whole world.

The dragon destroyed buildings or whole villages and towns all over the earth. The spirit crept into people thoughts and changed or killed their memories. The monster destroyed or ate everything that went on its way. The witch poisoned and bewitched so many creatures as she could and the vampire drank countless litres of blood every night. The wizard knew: It was time to act. He tried to kill the evil creatures one after another but he were not successful because his rivals hid from him at the most different places. After he had hunted them for a lot of weeks, he had another idea to catch them. He took a magic to order his rivals to come to the huge island that was called “Great Britain” later. He said he would fight against them alone.

Three days later the six supernatural creatures met in the south-east of Great Britain. The wizard’s idea was it to bury his enemies alive under the earth – with a charm of course. So he had burrowed a huge cave many hundred meters in the deep, before he met with them. But as they fought the wizard realized that his rivals were too powerful to beat them. With all his skills he started an attack. He killed the monster with magic and used some other magic words to banish the vampire, the witch and the dragon into the cave. But the spirit disappeared. Where was he?

Suddenly the wizard felt pain. Huge, unbearable pain. And it was in his head. He screamed as a voice in his head laughed and said, „Here I am. Now your body is my body. l am you, do you understand? Now I’ve the control about this body. Oh, what a feeling!“

He laughed again. Slowly but surely the wizard lost all control about his thought. He would scream again but he couldn’t. Nevertheless in his deep down there was a bright tight. And it seemed to say, “ You haven’t lost yet. You can do something because you are the opposite of darkness.“

Exactly in this moment the wizard knew what he had to do. With his last power he formed some magic words to a charm. It was a strange situation. Normally there was no way to kill a spirit. But a spirit who fused into a body could die. So the only chance to destroy them was to destroy the body. And exactly this way the wizard chose. He destroyed himself. It was suicide but the wizard reached his aim: He beat the Evil.


Author: Rudy Snakeskiller

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