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Do what I tell you!

When I tell you this story, you’ll probably be dead. But if you’re still alive at the end of this story and your blood flows through your veins, don’t tell anyone what I’m going to tell you now.

It all started at an insignificant day – my birthday. There were many people who get presents, love and attention on this special day. However I got nothing of these things because everybody said that I’m an unimportant girl that needed nothing except something to eat and to drink and, oh yes, a roof over the head.
I often felt very alone and was with 14 years I was already responsible for myself.
There was no one who cared for me when I felt bad and no one who gave me power when I needed it most urgently.
Maybe I should introduce myself first of all. My name is Emily and I live in an abandoned village outside of the big city of Nashville in the state Tennessee. My parents were killed by a car accident therefore I live with my stepparents who hates me from the first second and I hate them, too.
Definitively you think that you shouldn’t hate your parents or stepparents but I think you don’t be friendly to each other the whole day.
They treated me like an employee who did nothing else except polishing and tiding up all day long.
But sometimes they looked to me with a glance that let my blood freeze in the veins because it means fury, hatred and anger.
So let’s switch back to the day of my birthday until I continue my story.
It was foggy and already it was a bit darker outside. In front of our old and destroyed cabin rental and I couldn’t barely recognize our fence or trees in the garden. It was like a slight veil which laid down on each creature – ghostly and very slowly. My stepparents were not at home as usual and I expected my best friend James to visit me.
While I waited for him, I watched some of my favourite series about terrible werewolves and monsters.
When all at once the TV and the lights of our house went out.
„A power failure,“ I thought and I went down into the cellar with slowly steps. But I didn’t come far because right after that the phone rang with a loudly rattle. I expected the voice of my friend because he was some minutes too late.
Happy and even demanding I asked quickly, “Oh James, where are you?“
„James is with me,“ answered a man with a deep and rough voice that caused me freezing and sweating at the same time .
„Don’t be afraid Emily, up to now he is doing well, so as long as you play the game with me!“
My pulse stopped rising and for a moment I simply wanted to hang up and run away.
„So the first rule is: Don’t hang up!“ he said quietly and relaxed. I didn’t know what I should do in this situation. I simply had fear for me and also for James. The best thing I could do in this moment was to I follow the rules and what this ghastly voice required me to do.
„I think you made your decision and you will obey my instructions. Tomorrow come with the dusk to the forest to the abandoned cemetery to the grave of your parents. There I´ll be waiting for you. If you don’t appear, James will be dead and I’ll look for you and find you.”
So he hung up and it was quiet again. The TV and the lights shined bright and clear.
My heart beated wildly and I thought if this is really happening?
The next day I went to the cemetery. The night would be clear because no clouds were seen and I could recognize the outlines of the full moon. With slowly but firm steps I followed the path until I approached the grave of my dead parents. But there was no one to see.
I looked around and discovered a white envelope at the ground of an 100 years old oak. Immediately I opened it and read the content:
Go 100 metres straight on, and then follow a little trail. At a big beech you’ll recognize a small cabin rental, there, I will be waiting for you!
With these words I followed commands and reached the target.
It was a shabby house.
But I didn’t let him make a fool of me and entered the hut.
A musty, foul stench pervaded me and I tried to breathe through my mouth.
Suddenly a strong hand touched my body and scared to death I run back.
A big shape was dressed up in a torn white garment, smeared with blood and dirt. He wore a black cylinder and was barefoot. His toenails looked yellowish and faded, as if dead.
After a short waiting period he smiled at me very scary and mumble silently, “It´s time… and follow me.“
With his hand on my back he led me in a dark room. “Be quiet!“ I heard him went out of the bare room and behind him the door was closed.
Then I was sitting there, close to tears but I stood up and walked around. I opened a door and a very rotting smell smashed into my face. I hold my nose and moved into it. In the glow of the last daylight I saw some contours of corpses in cruel settings.
My heart almost stopped of horror and I asked myself if James was there.

I cannot reveal more of the story now, because the dark man will come and search his victims. Normally he chooses people who feel sad and alone. You only can pray, that he won’t find you!
Author: Nööle

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