Aus der Schule
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Terrible holidays

Last summer holidays there was a scary adventure. One Wednesday I came home and ate something. After five minutes the bell rang. I opened the door and in front of me stood my best friend Charlett. She asked, “Are you ready for a walk in the forest? I want to show you something!” I agreed nervously and took my jacket because this summer was very cold. Together we went to the forest. I tried to ask her about the special thing between the trees but she didn’t answer. The way was long but after one hour, I could see the big trees. I shuddered. I didn’t like the forest. It was dark and spooky. Slowly, we went between the brown tree trunks. The golden sun disappeared behind the green leaves. Charlett took my hand and pulled me further. Now it was dark night and I saw nothing. But Charlett knew the way. I was very anxious, “Are you sure that we’re right?” I asked. She nodded. Suddenly, she stopped, “We arrived.” She whispered. I looked around. But there was nothing special to see.  She squatted down and stroked the leaves aside. I couldn’t see anything. ”A flashlight would be nice.” I thought. In this moment, Charlett took a silver thing out of her bag. A flashlight? No, it was a key. “My grandpa gave it to me.” She explained. “He said we have to fetch a treasure but he didn’t tell what or where it is. My grandpa is to old to do that.” I was happy to have an explanation. But the next moment I was shocked and afraid. I didn’t like to search a treasure in a dark forest in the night! Then I realized the thing on the floor. It was a trap! Charlett noticed that I wasn’t enthusiastic about her plan. She said, “Please! I need your help!!” I sighed. “Okay…” Charlett smiled. I swallowed. She took the key and opened the trap. I looked inside and there was only darkness. “Are you ready?” She asked. She was very brave in contrast to me. “I can jump first!” I said nothing. “On three?” “Okay” I said with a broken voice. “One…two…three!” We jumped and shouted. We saw nothing. There was only darkness around us. Charlett picked my arm. Suddeny, we landed on soft plants. “Charlett?” I asked. “ Are you okay?” ”Yes! Can you see something?” “No…nothing.” I answered. But some seconds later, there was a light in the distance. “What’s that?” I thought. But it came closer. I was scared. It was a ghost! Charlett shouted. I picked her arm and we ran away. We didn’t know where we could go. Every way looked the same. Then we stopped. There was a door in front of us. Charlett opened it and we were terrified. Bright light beamed to us. We stumbled into the room and closed the door behind us. ”Puh” I said. “So, go on, we have to find the treasure.” But Charlett looked in another direction. “There it is!” She whispered and ran to a golden little thing. In this moment, I was very happy. I thought, “Now, we can go home!” But then it happened. Charlett fell through another trapdoor.

I never saw her again.

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