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The Piano

It was a wonderful morning, the sun was shining, but one person sat at his desk and looked on his computer. It was the 23 years old Christian. He searched the whole night on the Internet for an institute in Willington (what should deal with paranormal activities). He would visit the institute, because he saw a video on the Internet, where a man made a film of a little room, in this house. In this video a man was in a spooky room with his crew, they couldn’t believe their eyes; suddenly a piano began to play. The five men ran out of the room and shouted very loud. But there was something that amazed Christian. In the last second of the video he saw a creepy ghost head in a window. When he saw that he was calling his friends and said, “Hey, I have seen something that you will like!” At lunch Clara, Willi, Tim, Christian and Celine were ready to drive to Willington. The film material was ready to use. They made their way and after 6 hours they were in Willington. This old institute was very creepy, but with the equipment they were save (they thought). Then they were in this old and spooky institute. They installed the cameras everywhere, so that Tim, our computer professional had everything in his eyes, so that he could tell the others everything with the help of worki-torkis, if something paranormal is happening in the building. It was getting late and they began to look around in the institute. Christian and Clara were in the room and approximately around 3 o’clock a.m… then they saw it. An old broken piano began to play so obliquely and gloomy, that Christian an Clara began to scream but Christian remembered the video of these people in the internet and looked out of the window. There was this creepy and ugly face and Christian was so tied by this face that he went to the window and…. But what was that it was the caretaker! In the meantime it was 7 o’clock a.m. At 8 o’clock a.m it was getting brighter and Christian went out and looked to this where he had seen the face of the caretaker and… Christian almost got a heart attack, he saw the caretaker… he himself hanged with a robe. Christian called his friends and after that they called the police. From this day on no one knows the murderer of the caretaker, the cause of his death or whether he killed himself…!!!

Author: Willi Wegner

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