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The Resurrection – A little Horror Story

One sunny and warm summerday a farmer named Steve rode to Claiton Hill, a big city in America. He lived in a little village, called Nicholson. In Nicholson there lived only Steve and some other farmers. There weren’t high houses. But in the near there was a big and deserted castle. Steve knew that it was built by the Spanish discoveres in 1503. But he was never inside of the castle. In Nicholson there was nothing. There weren’t any shops or any markets. He got food from his farm, but for other things he had to go to Claiton Hill. As Steve arrived  the city, he felt hungry and went into a Chinese restaurant. After his meal he got a fortune cookie. He read, ”Today you will die!” Steve looked confused into the room: But nobody was focusing him. So he thougt it was a joke and went to the supermarket. After his shopping the farmer rode back to Nicholson. Back there he took his food and went inside. Some minutes later he heared a horrible grumble. He never heard something like this before. Steve looked from his terrace to the castle. He saw nothing so he went back into the house and changed his clothes into working clothes. As he wanted to go outside he saw a big group of inhabitants of Nicholson. They shouted, ”Save your important things! The zombies are coming!” Steve was very irretated. But then he looked back to the castle and saw more than 100 zombies. He took some food, something to drink and some clothes. Then Steve went to his car and drove to Claiton Hill to bring them the news. Everybody was in panic. Steve shouted as loud as he could  so that everybody could hear it. Many people screamed and ran away. A few minutes later the zombies arrived. Steve was still in Claiton Hill, so he ran to his car and started it. He tried to escape but the zombies surrounded him. Nobody was there to help him. Steve closed his eyes and drove over the terrible creatures. Steve thougt nothing. He just drove, drove and drove…

After a while he stopped. It was dark and he saw nothing. He turned on the light. Nothing. Only a big street. But no cars and no people. He took out his smartphone to get ti know where he was. But his GPS failed. He was lost. Steve drove on and and tried to find a city or any living human soul. But the street seemed endless. Then he saw a car. It didn’t drive. Steve got out of his car. The farmer knocked on the window. No reaction. He took out a flashlight. The man in the car was dead. He quickly moved back. Steve was so frightened that he didn’t realize the zombies. The creatures attacked him from behind. He only felt a big pain. In this moment Steve just run back into his car and went away…

After a while he looked back, ”No zombies,” he thought relieved. So he stopped to ate something. Then he hid the car behind a car. He tried to sleep. But his pain was so hard. He couldn’t feel his shoulder. Then Steve searched after plasters in his car. He found a big medicine box. So he applied the salve and put on a bandage. After that  he slept.

The next morning the farmer drove on. He searched for signs for orientation. Some hours later he saw a place-name sign. And on the sign there stood, ”Nicholson”. So Steve was near his living place. He was very happy and wanted to look after his farm. But there was nothing. Everythimg was destroyed. The former farm was destroyed. He looked for leftovers. He found a photo of his decedent wife. He took the photo and sat down on the former place of his house. Steve began to cry. After a while he shouted, ”Whyyyyyyyy?”. But then he heared a loud rumble. The zombies were back. And only 50 meters away. He wanted to run to his car. But the zombies destroyed it. So Steve ran. He tried to find a hiding place. He looked out and found nothing. There weren’t any houses or peole which could help him. Steve ran and ran.

Then it was dark. He saw nothing and only heard the grumble. His power decreased. So the zombies came more and more nearer. Suddenly he fell. He stumbled over a stone. He couldn’t feel his foot. Steve tried to stand up. But he wasn’t successful. Now the zombies were only 25 meters away. The farmer began to crawl. But he wasn’t fast enough. The zombies got him. He thought, ”That´s it. Now it’s the end.”. The zombies built a circle. Steve fell asleep…


Author: Björn Kroß

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