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I thought I was alone

It was the 31st of October in year 2010. I was just at the age of 9 years. My parents were in a restaurant together with some friends. A few hours later I lay in my bed when I suddenly heard something knocking on the door. Then it stopped. There! There it was again! It sounded loud and muffled. I had a high blood pressure at this moment. I thought it were my parents who had forgotten their key. I took a look at the clock. It was just 8 pm. Too early for the return of my parents because my mother told me that they wanted to go for a walk after their dinner. I thought of a lot of things that could happen if I opened the door…

I behaved as calm as possible so that the monster, if it was one, couldn’t recognize me. I eavesdropped in the dark night. I had the feeling that mom and dad stood outside. I decided to open the door but when I touched the door handle it knocked again. It was now louder and more aggressive. I jumped back and cried. The monster noticed that and stopped the knocking. “Luckily” I said. Abruptly I flung open the door and looked outside. Then I ran back into the house but – no – I didn’t close the door! The monster was now probably in the house. I was really scared. Because of fear I locked myself in the children’s room. I looked at the clock and hoped that mom and dad will arrive soon. Slowly something scratched on my door. I heard a moaning and a howl. I told myself to be as brave as possible and opened slowly the door just to have a little spare to look through but the monster didn’t appear. I closed my eyes and prayed that the monster had already left the house. I stood there behind my door and held my hand out in the dark. A few seconds later I felt something cold on my hand, it felt like cold water. My knees were weak. Then I felt a fur and opened my eyes – I saw a little dog. He was so cute. The next day I went for a walk with Strolch, as I named him. There I saw that it was a stick of a tree that knocked against the door. I was allowed to keep Strolch and was lucky that the night was over.


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