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It was in winter

It was 1917, a very cold and stormy winter. I was a blonde and tall boy… Oh I forgot, my name is Alastair and in 1917 I was 17 years old. My friends Shawn and Trevor were very nice boys. We experienced a lot of things together. But one thing is unbelievable… So I will tell you the story. I start again, it was 1917 and I was a tall and blonde guy, My friends and me, Shawn and Trevor, we went out on a cold Sunday in winter, to made some trouble. But suddenly Shawn saw a big house isolated from the roads… A nice hiding place for boys. I said, “Before we will enter the house, we have to take some food and blankets to survive the cold.” So we went back to my house. At least the clock was 10 o´clock p.m.. Shawn said. “Let’s get back to the house. We can tell us some horror stories.” Trevor and I answered, “Good idea!“ After 15 minutes we arrived at our isolated house far from every human soul. To enter the house we had to climb through a window. Inside the building we saw terrible things. Severed heads of animals and blood on the floor of the entering hall. Trevor mentioned, “What did happen here?! “ Shawn answered, “No good things my friend, no good things!“ After a while I found a good place to sit and tell stories. We sat in a circle. Shawn said, “ Alastair it’s your turn, tell us your story.” “Ok”! I answered. “100 years ago there was a troll, a very big green troll, he was called Michelle, in his right hand there was a saw but he was isolated from our town and had an own room in a castle. But the door of this room was always locked, he had a chain around his left hand, so that he couldn’t leave the castle. Trevor interfered, “What’s the scary point?” I screamed: “ My story isn’t over!“ So Troll wasn’t a threat for people. But one year the troll left the castle with his saw and every winter at midnight, when the night is very stormy, the troll would wake up and look for over persons to kill them… so if you hear a noise of a saw, you are fucked.” After three minutes of silence everybody was scared suddenly Shawn said, “Have you heard that? It sounds like a saw.” Trevor added, “Are you scared about that story?“ Please shut up you douchebag, we aren’t children anymore! If you are scared of this you will need a diaper!” “Yes I know we aren’t children but I really heard a saw so.” At once Trevor said, “ Oh my good! Did you hear it? Something is roaring!” Know it was my turn, “Boys it was a story it’s not true calm down for a moment!” Suddenly there was a shadow on the wall, a very hairy shadow.

“Shawn and Trevor? I think you’re right. It is true everything you said is true. We are dead!“ I began to cry, “What are we going to do now? “We had to leave the house! Because I haven’t told you the scariest thing! His friends! They are witches, zombies and skeletons! They both shouted, “Are you kidding us?“ We had to leave the house! So it was our turn to run but every window was closed and we couldn’t find our entry window. We began to scream, “Help! Help”! But no one was hearing us. Suddenly we found a window. Trevor watched out and said, “Alastair, Shawn? Look at this there are zombies!” I answered, “Fuck so we can forget to jump out of a window!”But wait where is Shawn? At once a creepy voice whispered, “He is dead, you will never see him again!” Trevor said, “Alastair we have to do this together!” After 30 minutes of running and looking for an entry, we stopped at a door and Trevor wanted to have a break. I said, “We have to run Trev, let’s go on!“ We opened the door and Trevor fell on the ground. “I can’t run anymore!” He cried “I want to die!” In this moment I knew Trevor had to leave me. Between a little gap, I saw that the house had a big hole, looked like an attack of Bombing Run or something like that. I took all my power and screamed, “Sorry Trevor!” I pushed him through the scruffy wood and he fell down the house. I closed my eyes. After a few seconds. I heard a big splash. It was Trevor’s body. I saw that every zombie was running to his body to ate him. Terrible view. I thought,“ Now everything is over, Trevor is dead, Shawn was taken away and I’m totally crazy.” So I closed my eyes again and was one step away to jump into the death, too but suddenly my mother was waking me up. I was happy that everything was only a dream. After I ate breakfast I ran to school to see Shawn and Trevor again. But I saw how Shawn stood in a corner… He cried. “Hey Shawn, what happened to you? “ He answered, “Do you never read the newspaper?“ Trevor is dead. He wanted to go into the house far away from town where we wanted to go to tell us stories! We both said to Trev it’s not a good idea and everybody ran to this house but Trevor was entering our haunted building and was killed. I’ve no clue why he was killed. But now only we two survived. Why was Trevor so stupid and entered the house although we said it’s too dangerous?! But one thing is clear Trevor was a dammit good boy.


Author: Tim Buchholz

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