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The wrong decision

Mr. Reihlang goes into the forest. It‘s quiet and the snow falls slowly. Sometimes he sees a bird apart from that nobody is there. With his camera he takes pictures of a ruin. This old building is a part of his background. Of a boy who thought, „This ruin is a magic place.“ Of a Boy who always played there. This is a sad story. A story of a boy who lost nearly everything.

In the year of 1965 Tom was born. Since he was in the fourth class, he always played with his friends in the forest, in the old ruin. Tom’s Grandma told him a story about the old, abandoned building – always the same frightening story. The story was set in the time of the  WWII.

Two years later, it was a very cold winter and the morning was murky, Tom woke up. He had a bad dream, but not so bad like the weather outside. Anyway he would play in the old ruin with his friends. His mother was against his idea, to go out in the big wood, because it was cold, dark and foggy.

But all the warnings didn’t stop Tom; he met his friends in the half run down ruin. They played an hour, but suddenly they realized that Michelle wasn’t there anymore. They looked for her, but they didn’t find her. The friends were scared and ran home.

Two hours later, Michelle’s parents had alarmed the police. They searched everything that could help to find her. Suddenly a bird was flying by. It had an earring in its beak. It was from Michelle. Blood rang down the earring. After two painful months the police gave up the searching. It was useless to search on.

The Criminal Investigation rose the presumption that she was murdered.

Tom’s mother was on the short-list, because she didn’t understand, why Tom played with a girl, that cannot greet neighbours. And Michelle’s teacher, the neighbour or a friend. This message was transported around the village.

On a really cold Monday at three a clock, the snow fell slowly from big clouds and some ravens jumped on the big blanket of snow to look for something to eat.

Tom woke up and meant to hear someone cry, but he didn’t do anything, because he had too much fear. So he subdued his curiosity and slept on. Thereby he didn’t hear the polish.

At seven a clock the police siren pushed through his dream. “Not again,” he thought. Quickly he dressed up and ran down the stairs. Tom stood in the entrance of the house and a tear ran over his cheek. Suddenly he knew the cry wasn’t a dream and he asked himself two questions, ”Why didn’t you go down, at three a clock? Why are you such a coward? Why?” It took a long time until he could speak on. On the expensive carped was blood. The blood was already brown, because it had dried over the hours. A woman lied in the corridor on the carpet of Tom’s home. She was dead. Her left hand was broken, her  eyes were open and her view was empty. In her back there stock a knife and her neck was strangulated. It was a terrible picture. Tom felt fear, dolorousness, emptiness and hate the same time. When he looked at her he saw all the good and bad moments that he had with her. His mother was dead and he didn’t know what to do. The police officer tested to comfort him. But it didn’t help Tom. The Criminal Investigation looked for details to find the murderer. They found some fingerprints that could lead to the offender. But it wasn’t so easy, because they had to collect fingerprints from some people.

Tom also wanted to resolve the murder case, because he wanted to know who was the offender. But that wasn’t the most important reason. He found a ring on the carpet behind the entrance door with a message inside the ring.


Since second class in primary school Tom likes detective story’s and he knew what this message meant. It was the date of a marriage. But which persons married?

Suddenly Tom remembered Michelle’s words of the marriage and the divorce of her parents:

“My parents married in 1954 but

they fought nearly every day.

So they got divorced.”

Tom was unsure. But he didn’t realize it, because her parents couldn’t bear themselves. Tom ran to the police, with the ring in his hand. He cried, “Why? Isn’t Michelle’s death enough?  Why is the world so unfair?”

The police confirmed it and Michelle’s mother went into prison after much controversy.

Tom had to move to his uncle in Thüringen, because his father was dead for quite some time because of carcinosis.

The dead of Tom’s mother was explained, but the Michelle’s corpse was never found.

The life takes its circles and things happen and things will be forgotten. This is a lesson  everybody has to learn. So Tom did. But he sometimes goes to this old abandoned ruin that reminds him on all the good and bad things of his past.



Author: Lucie


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